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Indigenous peoples of Indonesia must be familiar with cassava trees. Cassava tree is one type of plant that is grown by many farmers in the country. From tubers to leaves, this plant can be used for human life. This tree tuber is known by the name of cassava which is a type of wooden tube that can be processed into various delicious food. As for the trunk can be used as firewood and can be replanted by means of cuttings.

Well, what about the leaves? Just like cassava tubers, cassava leaves can also be consumed into a variety of delicious dishes such as pan-fried, boiled as fresh vegetables and can also be cooked into vegetables lodeh and urap. If compared, the nutrient content in cassava leaves is not inferior to the content contained in vegetables in general.

Based on information taken from, cassava leaves have nutrient content consisting of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and others. In addition, cassava leaves have low calorie and fat content. In 100 grams of cassava leaves contain calories as much as 37 kcal and there is a fat content of 1.9 grams.

Helps Cell Regeneration Process

In the cassava leaves are essential amino acids that are useful for mergenerasi cells in the human body. Amino acid content is one of the proteins that can help repair damaged body cells so it can function again.

Improve Metabolic System

Vitamin B contained in the cassava leaves are needed to help increase metabolism in the body system to remain optimal.

Energy sources

The content of essential amino acids and fiber contained in the cassava leaves can help provide a source of energy needed by the body to move.

Besides rich in nutritional content and has many benefits for the health of the body, cassava leaves are also priced at a fairly cheap price. With the money of 2 thousand rupiah only, we can already get this cassava leaf on the market. Another case, if living in the countryside because we can pick it in his garden directly with pocketing permission from the owner.

Will still leaves cassava is not recommended for consumption in excessive portions, especially for people suffering from hypertension. Consuming excessive cassava leaves can increase blood pressure or hypertension. Blood pressure is too high will make the body has a risk of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, consume cassava leaves wisely. If you want to consume it for healthy food, it should be boiled to make it as fresh vegetables and should not be consumed along with coconut milk because it will increase the risk of gout disease.

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