How Small Dollar Donors Can Have a Big Voice | Ben Yee: ShiftSpark

Introducing the Citizen Lobbyiest: YOU!

Your voice matters. The problem is politicians have been listening to big dollar donors and billionaires.

Wealthy interests get attention because they represent money which influences votes. ShiftSpark lets us take them on at their own game.

Together, our small donationsare a BIG voice.

Your strongest donation ever. Guaranteed.

When you give to issues and not candidates, you can't go wrong. Like never before, politicians can see the issues that make people invest in politics. And, like never before, you can fund them on those issues - or take your money back!

Forget campaign donations. ShiftSpark makes your support loud when it matters - BEFORE the election. Now, politicians know what to do, and you can hold them accountable. There's no better way to give than that.

Defining the nature of the money in politics problem. If we can figure out how that works, we can figure out an effective solution.

Founded by Ben Yee

Secretary, New York State Democratic Party

Former VP of Young Democrats of America


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